A Mother’s Day Salute to Our Babysitters

In Indonesia, Mother’s Day falls annually on December 22 – a day when we celebrate our mothers, and express our deep gratitude for their unconditional love, care, and support. On this day, we should also acknowledge mother figures, like the babysitters at our rehabilitation centers, who take on the role of substitute mothers to rescued and orphaned baby orangutans. The dedication of our babysitters, and their contribution to orangutan conservation, greatly influences development in our orangutan babies.

When a baby orangutan is rescued and brought to a BOS Foundation quarantine facility, our babysitters immediately assume the role of surrogate mother, and take on the responsibility of caring and raising the baby. Babysitters form a close bond with the orangutans in their care; they give them love, help them overcome the trauma they have suffered, and help build their confidence.

A long rehabilitation process, with a lot of ups and downs along the way, is required before an orangutan has mastered the skills needed to survive in the wild. Over several years, a babysitter must nurture the babies in their care, look after them when they fall ill, and support them as they progress through the stages of childhood.

“The best experience in taking care of orangutans is that we get to watch them grow, and then see them finally get released in the forest,” said Eka, a BOS Foundation babysitter.

Every mother wants the best for her children, and our substitute mothers are no different; their greatest hope is to see the orangutans they have raised living wild and free in a natural, protected forest.

On this Mother’s Day, we would like to salute our hard-working babysitters for their dedication and contribution to the orangutan conservation effort. Thank you for all your guidance and patience, and for the love you have showered on so many orphaned orangutans!

Text by: BOSF  Communication Team

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  • Marcia Esters
    5:13 pm - December 23, 2017. Reply

    ♥️God Bless all the Mother’s to the motherless Orangutans ♥️Especially Lone♥️