Abel Satisfies Her Huge Appetite

October is fruiting season in Kehje Sewen, when the forest is teeming with an array of delicious foods. The fruit of Lithocarpus sp., a favourite among orangutans, is found in abundance during this period and Abel, who was released to the southern part of the Kehje Sewen Forest in July, particularly loves this fruit, and is often observed eating it.

Lithocarpus sp.

Our PRM team recently caught up with Abel one morning, and watched her devour Lithocarpus fruits, one after the other, for around two hours, occasionally remembering to glance around to monitor her surroundings. Interestingly, orangutans favour the seeds of this particular fruit, and will usually discard the flesh. With their strong teeth and jaws, orangutans can easily break the endocarp of hard fruits to reveal the seeds inside.


After a satisfying Lithocarpus sp. fruit meal, Abel went back to exploring the forest, and stopped when she came to a Baccaurea sp. tree.  Slowly, Abel started to pick and eat the young leaves. After a good back scratch, she moved on to find more young leaves. That day, Abel spent most of her waking hours eating.

Able was so preoccupied with eating, she forgot to build herself a night nest before it started to turn dark. Sensing the evening was about to catch her unprepared, she quickly located the nest she had used the previous night and packed it with more leaves for comfort. After she finished her renovations she settled down for the night, bringing her day of feasting to an abrupt end.

We were happy to have caught up with Abel and monitor her day’s activities. She seems to be adapting very well to her new forest home.

See you again soon, Abel! Keep satisfying that healthy appetite!

Text by: PRM team in Camp Nles Mamse, Kehje Sewen Forest

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