Another Rapid Rescue Mission – Another Orphaned Orangutan

On January 26, a joint team from BOS Foundation and Central Kalimantan BKSDA successfully rescued a 2.5-year-old orangutan weighing 3.3 kilograms, in Lapetan Village, Mantangai Sub-district, Kuala Kapuas Regency, Central Kalimantan. It was reported that the baby orangutan was found in a nearby forest, stranded without his mother, during a storm two months prior. The villager who found him took him home to care for.

Unlike other rescues, this rescue involved our team from the BOS Foundation-Mawas Conservation Program, following a tipoff a Mawas staff member received about a local villager holding a baby orangutan captive. The information was relayed to the BOS Foundation team at Nyaru Menteng, who coordinated with the Central Kalimantan BKSDA to undertake a rescue mission. The remote location of the village and the need to action this mission quickly was aided by our Mawas team who initiated the pickup, and handed the baby over to the BOSF Nyaru Menteng and Central Kalimantan BKSDA team. A veterinarian from our clinic at Nyaru Menteng accompanied the team to provide medical assistance.

The baby orangutan at the time of his rescue

An initial examination conducted by veterinarian Maryos V. Tandang found the baby weak, severely dehydrated and infected with worms. Our medical team quickly administered medication intravenously to give initial relief to the baby.

The baby orangutan being examined by vet Mariyos V. Tandang

After a few days of rest and treatment at the clinic, the baby’s health has started to improve. He has become more active, and will now accept food and drink. We are conducting further health tests, and 24-hour care to ensure he will recover from the pain and trauma of being separated from his mother. Once he passes all the required health tests, he can be moved to the Baby House quarantine facility where he will join Rachel and Alejandra.


The baby boy now


Text by: BOS Foundation Communications Team

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14 reviews
  • Sharon Lynne
    3:28 pm - February 1, 2018. Reply

    such a sad story… but bless you BOS foundation for rescuing this baby orang and now taking care of him. I hope he gets strong and can be released in a few years time.
    Please help support the incredible work of BOS foundation

    • BOS Foundation
      9:59 am - February 5, 2018. Reply

      Hi Sharon, thank you so much for your wonderful support! We are so glad that you shared great passion for orangutans! Thank you once again 🙂

  • cuyasinaga
    6:30 pm - February 1, 2018. Reply

    I named you Abhay, the name means that you must be strong and never be afraid again, you are in the right place baby boy! Never give up!

  • Lila
    10:28 pm - February 1, 2018. Reply

    Thank you for saving this precious baby boy! I cannot imagine what would become of him without your team’s work and efforts. Thank you so much. I pray that All orangutans Everywhere are Safe, Healthy, happy, and long-lived. And that their natural habitat is safe from human destruction!

    • BOS Foundation
      10:05 am - February 5, 2018. Reply

      Hello Lila, Thank you so much, we could not have done it without your support! Thank you for your great passion for orangutans ❤

  • Cally Smith
    11:54 pm - February 1, 2018. Reply

    Bless him. My heart is torn into pieces just imagining his grief at losing his mother. It is so hard to witness a baby orangutan NOT gripping his mother tightly as she swings across the forest. I am so happy you have him and will care for him but i cant bear to think of his suffering. Thank you

    • BOS Foundation
      10:07 am - February 5, 2018. Reply

      Hi Cally, thank you so much for your support! We could not have done it without your support! Thank you for your great passion for orangutans ❤

  • Diana
    9:50 am - February 2, 2018. Reply

    I am crying 🙁

  • Annie
    8:39 am - February 6, 2018. Reply

    So glad this precious baby has been helped!

    • BOS Foundation
      3:04 pm - February 6, 2018. Reply

      Hello Annie, thank you so much for your amazing support ❤

  • Alexander
    2:46 pm - February 7, 2018. Reply

    this orangutan is the most cutest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! orangutan i have ever seen

  • Alexander
    3:05 am - February 8, 2018. Reply

    I would imagine how scary it would be losing his mother
    please adopt or donate to BOS foundation

    • BOS Foundation
      11:07 am - February 10, 2018. Reply

      Hi Alexander, thank you very much for your wonderful support and great interest for orangutans ❤