[BABY BULLETIN] Baby Jacqui Moves to New Baby House

Who could forget baby Jacqui, the beautiful little girl we rescued on January 12. Jacqui was found in Pilang village malnourished, injured and without her mother (read the full story here). Tragically we believe her mother was killed leaving Jacqui, like so many of our orangutans, orphaned.

After eight months of rehabilitation in our Orangutan Reintroduction center at Nyaru Menteng, Jacqui is now a very healthy 1 and half year old baby, weighing 5.9 kilograms. She is extremely independent and loves to climb trees and build nests from leaves and twigs. In the Nursery Group, Jacqui is very close to another orphaned baby Bumi (which means “earth” in Bahasa Indonesia); whenever Bumi gets scared, Jacqui is always there to comfort him and give him a hug like a doting big sister.

Jacqui and 15 other baby orangutan, including Mema, Zahri and Kalanis, love their new Baby House and we are so delighted to have been able to build this home with your support. Thank you for helping our babies learn and grown on their journey to freedom!

Text by: BOS Foundation HQ Communication Team 

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