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[PRESS RELEASE] BOS Foundation and fX Sudirman Jakarta Organise “Voice for Earth”

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Jakarta, April 22, 2017. In 2016, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), an international body responsible for establishing and monitoring global conservation efforts, determined the conservation status of the Bornean orangutan as 'critically endangered'.

Orangutans share 97% of the same DNA as humans, and are an important umbrella species that help maintain and sustain forest ecology. Well-managed forests generate clean air, fresh water, both wood-based and non-wooden products, and help regulate the climate. Forests depend on orangutans, therefore humans depend on orangutans to keep forests thriving.

The biggest challenge we face in orangutan and habitat conservation is the overwhelming amount of unabated deforestation that occurs due to changes in land use and fire. The BOS Foundation, which focuses on orangutan rescues, rehabilitation, and reintroduction, as well as forest rehabilitation, will strive to release the nearly 700 orangutans currently in our care at our two rehabilitation centers; Nyaru Menteng (in Central Kalimantan) and Samboja Lestari (in East Kalimantan), through the #OrangutanFreedom campaign we launched this year.

To commemorate Earth Day, which falls today, the BOS Foundation, in cooperation with fX Sudirman Jakarta,as organised a series of events themed #SuaraUntukBumi, or Voice for Earth. We kicked off with the “1 Selfie for a Thousand Rupiah” gig on April 15, 2017. Today, Saturday April 22, 2017, a talk show will be held with Dr. Ir. Jamartin Sihite (BOS Foundation CEO) and Dr. Sri Suci Utami (Indonesian leading primatologist).

This event welcomes and involves a number of professionals and people from environmentalist communities, not only from Jakarta, but also from other major cities and neighbouring countries. #SuaraUntukBumi also has the support of several environmentalists from the entertainment industry, such as Hilbram Dunar, Bayu Oktara, and Uli Herdinansyah, prominent TV and radio hosts who formed the 3 Speakers, singer Oppie Andaresta, and TV host-environmental activist, Riyanni Djangkaru.

The purpose of this event is to seek new ideas and opinions relating to orangutan and habitat conservation; to disseminate information on the importance of environmental conservation; and most importantly, to invite the public to actively participate in environmental activities.

BOS Foundation CEO, Dr. Ir. Jamartin Sihite, said, “#SuaraUntukBumi shows how far we as the residents of a country blessed with vast forest areas will take action to actually protect and preserve it. We, collectively, intentionally or not, have contributed to this habitat loss. We do need various forest products, but we also need touse the forest far more wisely. One indicator that shows we are still destroying forests is the number of baby orangutans we rescue. The BOS Foundation has taken innine baby orangutans already this year. This does not include other orangutan rescues and rehabilitation organisations. These babies came from areas where there was conflict with humans. One thing we really need to understand is that by ignoring the plight of orangutans, we are ignoring our own lives, for orangutans play a great role in forest regeneration. By preserving them, forest quality will improve, and many other species will be protected. In the end, we all benefit from the forest in the form of clean air and water; flood, erosion, and landslide prevention; and many other environmental benefits. Humans simply cannot live without a good forest. Let’s save our Earth by saving orangutans and our forests first.”

VP Marketing and Commercial fX Sudirman, Denny Maruhum Pasaribu, added that, fX Sudirman proudly supports the conservation effort by working in cooperation with the BOS Foundation to celebrate this year’s Earth Day. “Our Mother Earth should be looked after and kept in good condition, in order to pass down an environmentally-friendly legacy to the next generation. Even though we live in the heart of a busy metropolis surrounded with gigantic skyscrapers, nature still supports our basic needs. fX Sudirman as a 'meeting hub', an ecosystem for citizens and communities, serves as a strategic place to launch the BOS Foundation’s mission and campaign. We are targeting millenials to start paying more attention to this event and cause, with the #fXShamelesselfie campaign - 1 selfie for an IDR1000 donation, the proceeds of which we will hand over to the BOS Foundation.”

Through this event, the BOS Foundation and fX Sudirman hope to get the citizens of Jakarta more involved in environment-related activities, especially those that support orangutan and habitat conservation. Orangutans are protected by Indonesian Law No.5/1990, therefore we have both a moral and legal obligation to help protect and safeguard them and their habitats. 



Paulina Laurensia

Communications Specialist



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Founded in 1991, the BOS Foundation is a non-profit Indonesian organization dedicated to the conservation of Bornean orangutans and theirnatural habitats, working together with local communities, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, and international partner organizations.

The BOS Foundation currently cares for more than 700 orangutans in two rehabilitation centres, with support from 400 highly dedicated staff and experts in the fields of primatology, biodiversity, ecology, forest rehabilitation, agroforestry, community empowerment, communications, education, and orangutan welfare.For further information, please visit


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