Encounter of Two Mothers in Kehje Sewen

Over the past few months, our PRM team from Camp Nles Mamse has been busy monitoring orangutans released to the Kehje Sewen Forest. Recently, the team was lucky enough to encounter two mothers spending time together in the forest – Yayang and Lesan, with their babies clinging to their bellies.

On the day the team located them, Lesan and her baby were spotted eating bark high up in the trees. The team were not initially aware that another orangutan was present, however, it didn’t take long for them to notice movements close by. It turned out to be Casey, who was trying to approach a seemingly irritated Lesan and her baby. You might remember that Casey was also seen with the mother-infant pair back in November. (Read more hereLesan and Her Baby Seen with Casey).


Casey tried to get close to Lesan’s baby, but Lesan avoids her

Lesan moved away from Casey and in her flight, she bumped into Yayang and Louise not far from Camp Lesik. Yayang, spotting Lesan coming her way, kindly received her, and the two then spent time together.


Yayang and Louise with Lesan and her baby daughter

Sayang who naturally was around, got interested in Lesan and her baby. She approached to try and touch Lesan’s baby, however, Lesan felt that perhaps the crowd was a little too big for her daughter, and decided to go on her way. She left Yayang and her two children and went deeper into Kehje Sewen forest.


Lesan and her baby explore the forest through trees


Yayang and Louise

We are happy to see both mother-infant pairs were in good health, with both babies growing well. These two young orangutans seemed to try new things they learn from their mothers.

Text by: PRM team in Camp Lesik, Kehje Sewen Forest

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