Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation



4 October

We are proud to be one of the approved great ape centres taking part in this years Great Apes Giving Day!


Organised by the Arcus Foundation in partnership with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), Great Apes Giving Day is taking place on Tuesday 4 October – that is only 4 days away! Over 30 great ape sanctuaries are taking part and through this 24-hour online giving campaign hosted by Razoo, you can pledge your donation to support our work in rescuing and caring for Bornean orangutans. Donations have already started to come in and you can give on any day leading up to Great Apes Giving Day and especially on 4 October when competitive leaderboards will be activated and the centres that raise the most funds, or who are supported by the most donors have the chance to win up to $40,000 in additional funds. So the more people who support us the more chance we have of winning critical funds for orangutans.

This Great Apes Giving Day we are asking for your support in rescuing and caring for Bornean orangutans. We have rescued over 2,200 orangutans through our work and we need your help so we can continue to save orangutans and care for the 700 orangutans we currently provide sanctuary, care and rehabilitation to. Every individual we have rescued has either been orphaned or displaced from their forest home. Like Sura, who we rescued when he was only 4 months old. Sura arrived in a dreadful condition suffering the mental tragedy of losing his mother, but also physical injuries; three of his fingers had been severed by a machete during his illegal capture. After many months of round-the-clock care from our dedicated babysitters and medical team, Sura started to grow in health and confidence. Since then he has made great leaps in progress in our Forest School, where he and the other babies spend their days with our carers learning all the skills they will need to one day be able to return to the wild.

It is only with the support of our donors that we are able to continue to rescue orangutans and give them a new chance of life which is such a gift. Join us on this important day to raise support for our orangutans. Simply click HERE and donate! Thank you all!


Earth Day with BCU Students

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