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HOPE (Help Orangutans, Protect Earth)

The recent reclassification of the bornean orangutan from ‘endangered’ to ‘critically endangered’ by the IUCN indicates that the hard work we have been doing is still not enough. Wild orangutans are constantly being pushed out of their natural habitats. Meanwhile, we are caring for hundreds more in our rehabilitation centres who are waiting to be released to safe habitats. The BOS Foundation asks for more dedication and commitment to help save orangutans. Let’s join hands and work harder to save this umbrella species and keeper of the forest. We still live in HOPE – Help Orangutans, Protect Earth.

Text and video: BOS Foundation’s Communication Team at Head Quarter

The year 2016 marks the BOS Foundation’s 25th anniversary! Celebrate 25 years of ever-challenging, dedicated work in the field of orangutan conservation by showing your support and help save orangutans! DONATE NOW


Earth Day with BCU Students

Nyaru Menteng staff, together with students and teachers from Bina Cita Utama (BCU) School in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, celebrated Earth Day 2017

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