New Homes for our Baby Orangutans

In late 2015, fires raged across Kalimantan causing widespread forest loss and devastating impacts to wildlife populations. Tragically, many baby orangutans were left orphaned after losing their mothers and forest homes to the fires and our teams were out on permanent rescue missions.

Our Baby House facilities at both Nyaru Menteng and Samboja Lestari filled quickly, above and beyond our capacity and urgent plans were made to build bigger Baby Houses that could shelter the many orphaned infants coming into our care. We started with a campaign for a new Baby House at Nyaru Menteng and thanks to the support of all our wonderful donors and partners across the world including Orangutan Outreach and BOS Germany, we finally reached our target late last year! At the same time our sister organisations BOS Switzerland and BOS Australia, were able to raise the much needed support to construct a new Baby House at Samboja Lestari meaning that all of our babies would have new homes!

Late last year we began construction of our new Baby Houses at both Samboja Lestari and Nyaru Menteng centres and the work is moving fast.

Meryl, Yutris, and Napri are just three of the 44 baby orangutans we rescued during the fires in East and Central Kalimantan. These three, and many others who shared the same sad fate, are now going through the long rehabilitation process to learn the life skills necessary to survive in the wild. Our dedicated babysitters at both Samboja Lestari and Nyaru Menteng are patiently guiding and nurturing the babies as they grow in confidence and skills for the next 7 years.

We expect construction of both projects to be finished in April 2017, and we can’t wait to see Meryl, Yutris, Napri and all of our babies playing together and sleeping soundly in their new Baby Homes.


Baby house under construction at Samboja Lestari


Baby house under construction at Nyaru Menteng

Thank you to everyone who gave so generously and supported these desperately needed houses including Orangutan Outreach, BOS Germany, BOS Switzerland, BOS Australia, ACG School Jakarta, Myrna Rita, OSIS SMA Santa Ursula, Meridian 3V Natural Foods, The Wave Premier, Orangutan Protection Foundation, Lazada, CISV and all of the very kind individual supporters who made this possible!

Text by: BOS Foundation Communication and Fundraising HQ Team

If you can still help us, we need many daily supplies for the babies, including milk and food, baby bottles, blankets, cleaning materials, medicines, vitamins and all of the normal things babies need to grow! Please donate today www.donation.orangutan.or.id

Thank you!

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