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New House for Our Orphaned Babies

Last Friday was a special day for our orangutan babies at the Samboja Lestari Rehabilitation Center - they moved to their newly completed baby house! Davina Ames, George, and Bagus had to live in Samboja Lestari’sclinic for nearly eight months while a new baby house was built to replace the old rundown one. During their stay at the clinic, the babies only had access to a very small yard and a few enrichment ropes. 

On the day the group was moved to their new home, Davina seemed unsure of where she was being taken. Some of her babysitters had come to the clinic with an unknown new face to collect her and her little pals. The lady stranger was well-known singer/musician Sherina Munaf, who had kindly visited Samboja Lestari during a short break from her tight study schedule in Japan.

Davina clung tightly to Sherina, who very carefully embraced Davina and carried her to the new baby house, located about 50 metersfrom the clinic. The other babies were carried by babysitters.

The revamped baby house has bigger rooms and a small playground inside the house for the babies to play in when itrains.

When the group reached the baby house, Davina and her friends were taken to the outdoor playground located at the back of the house. The four babies quickly felt comfortable in their new surroundings and immediately set to playing around in the new environment, filled with interesting new things. The yard even has a lot of trees that Davina and her friends can enjoy climbing up and dangling from.

Welcome to your new home, guys! 

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