Observing Beautiful Bungan

A few days ago, Luy and Riki from our PRM team in Camp Nles Mamse went on an observation patrol at Pelangsiran; a small transit village located on the edge of the Kehje Sewen Forest. They picked up a strong signal from Bungan near the water springs and located her in a low tree.

Bungan seemed oblivious to her observers and was preoccupied with going about her daily activities. The team members followed her as she moved from tree to tree to forage and explored the forest floor for edible shoots.

Bungan foraging in the trees

Bungan heartily eating shoots on the ground

The afternoon brought dark rainclouds over the Kehje Sewen Forest and Luy and Riki were forced to retreat to camp to avoid a heavy downpour.

The next day, Riki and Sion continued the patrol at Pelangsiran, with high hopes of catching up with Bungan once more. After two hours trying in vain to pick up Bungan’s signal, the team realised she had long moved on and were doubtful they would see her again that day.

After her release in December 2015, Bungan has been one of the more adventurous of the released orangutans to explore the Kehje Sewen Forest. Our beautiful girl has become a true wild orangutan and is thriving in her natural habitat. We hope Bungan’s friends who are still undergoing rehabilitation at Samboja Lestari will follow in her lead and someday return to their true home in the forest.

Text by: PRM Team in Camp Nles Mamse, Kehje Sewen Forest

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