Peace and Papayas Among Friends

On a beautiful morning in the Kehje Sewen Forest, our team recently set out to monitor Lesan and her baby. The pair was found not far from Camp Lesik, enjoying some papaya on the ground. Both mother and infant appeared to be happy and healthy.

Suddenly, movements could be heard coming from up in the trees. The team tried to identify the approaching individual by telemetry signal, but were unable to pick up a signal – this could indicate an orangutan released quite some time ago with an exhausted transmitter. Through observing the approaching orangutan’s physical characteristics, the team soon discovered it was none other than Juminten (with her round face and distinguishable hairline)!

Released in 2013, Juminten was last seen by our team on July 8 last year, when she was observed hanging out with Mona, another adult female released the same year (Read the full story here: A reunion with Mona and Juminten).


Juminten looked very interested in the papaya that Lesan and her baby were eating, and she moved cautiously closer. Lesan remained calm and seemed unfazed by larger Juminten’s presence – so much so, she gave her the chance to join them.

Juminten eating papaya

Lesan played with her baby nearby while Juminten ate the fruit.

Lesan playing with her baby after getting her papaya fill

After finishing her papaya, Juminten approached Lesan and her baby again and spent some time with them before continuing her journey through the forest alone.

Juminten spending time with Lesan and her baby

Lesan then took her baby and climbed up in the trees to build a nest and rest together.

This friendly and peaceful interaction between released orangutans indicates to us they are living happily and comfortably in the Kehje Sewen Forest.

Text by: PRM team from Camp Lesik, Kehje Sewen Forest

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