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Pony’s New Life

July 25, 2013

Lately, Pony has been highly publicized in the cyberworld. An article in Bahasa Indonesia on Pony quickly spread because her story is so tragic. This beautiful female orangutan was taken from her habitat and kept in a house. Not to be kept as a pet, which in itself is illegal, but more appallingly, she was forced into prostitution.

Pony has gone through a tragic chapter in her life, and is now going through a long rehabilitation program to give her life back to her as a true orangutan. We hope this story will give us inspiration to stop any kind of animal abuse.

Pony’s Story
Pony was confiscated by the Central Kalimantan Conservation and Natural Resources Authority (BKSDA), working together with the BOS Foundation and local security forces, from a prostitution house in Kareng Pangi village, Central Kalimantan, in 2003. She was only around 6 years old at the time of confiscation.

Unthinkably, Pony was herself treated as a prostitute. Men could pay a certain amount of money to the house owner to have sex with her.

No-one knew how long Pony had been there. The house owner strongly refused to give up Pony. To her, Pony was a cash machine and a source of luck. It was not an easy effort to release Pony from this dreadful place; anyone who tried to do so faced an army of local people who were armed with cleavers, ready to fight for the house owner.

The house owner had shaved off all of Pony's hair.

Following an exhausting process that lasted for a year, the BOS Foundation and BKSDA together with the police and military forces, persuaded the house owner to give Pony to the BOS Foundation.

Pony first came to Nyaru Menteng on February 13, 2003. She was in a sad and horrible condition. The house owner had shaved off all of her hair and her body was covered in mosquito bites. She couldn’t stop scratching the bites and her skin had become infected.

A long rehabilitation process for Pony
In Nyaru Menteng, Pony received the much needed care she required after being subjected to such a terrible ordeal, and started to undergo the rehabilitation process. Living for so long with humans and being treated so appallingly whilst in captivity, it was not easy for Pony to learn to live as a wild orangutan.

Pony has been going through a long process of rehabilitation to forget her ordeal and regain her wild nature to become a true orangutan. She has lived in a socialisation complex with other female orangutans and also joined the Forest School. In 2005, Pony was placed on Bangamat Island, which is one of our pre-release islands, to encourage her to live more independently. Unfortunately, she was not ready for this advance stage of the learning process. Pony was not used to the trees. She preferred to stay on the ground. When hungry, she would wait for the technicians to give her food without ever trying to forage by herself. Unlike other orangutans, she never explored the island. Her travel was limited to crossing a small river between the islands to go to the technicians’ camp and ask for food.

Pony was placed on Bangamat Island to encourage her to live more independently.

Seeing that her skills only showed limited development, regretfully, Pony had to be brought back to the socialisation enclosure in Nyaru Menteng.

New Home, New Life for Pony
On her return to the socialisation complex, patiently the Nyaru Menteng technicians continued to take care of her and teach her the survival skills orangutans need to successfully live in the forest. Often, she would join younger orangutans at the forest school.

Now, 17 year old Pony has finally received another chance to live on a pre-release Island. June 29, 2013, and together with another 7 female orangutans, Pony was translocated to Kaja Island.

Pony has finally received another chance to live on a pre-release Island.

Her survival skills are growing satisfactorily compared to previous years. She is now able to make a nest and shows wild behaviour. This female weighs 72.1 kg and is now very dominant compared to her friends.

While living on the island, Pony will receive special care and attention from Nyaru Menteng.

While living on the island, Pony will receive special care and attention from the staff who will monitor her development and survival skills. There is still a long way to go, but we are very relieved and happy to see Pony once again living on a pre-release Island. Undeniably a better place for her to be than an enclosure or captivity. Enjoy your new home and life, Pony!


Text by: Monterado Fridman, Nyaru Menteng Communication and Education Coordinator
Photos: Indrayana, Nyaru Menteng Enrichment Staff and Photographer

  • Silvia Quaresma

    I am very happy to know that Pony is free, the world must come together to end such cruelty

    • BOSF Administrator

      Hi Silvia we here feel the same too, we don’t want too this happen again to other orangutans. Thanks so much, anyway! :)

  • josh

    When i heard about this i wanted to cry

  • Digitocrepitus

    Is it that much worse than killing those animals you mentioned?

    • Aliciya

      Hmm. A life chained to a wall, being abused day and night, beaten, lucky if you’re being fed, and just suffering constantly with absolutely no end. I’d take death in a heartbeat.

      • Digito Crepitus

        I’m not sure a cow is capable of knowing it’s being sexually abused.

  • Lioness

    I’ve said that same thing before. I simply cannot comprehend how I can possibly share the DNA of any species capable of such horrific, torturous abuse. Humans with no humanity are monsters. “The ugliestthing I have ever seen is a human with o compassion”- author unknown.

  • Ivon Garcia

    I just found out about this, and it has shaken me too. How could anyone do this? Really? Poor animal. :( I can’t shake the image from my head and yet I can’t stop watching it. This is quite a shame, and it strengthens my belief that we are a destroying breed. How sad.

    • BOSF Administrator

      We here feel the same too. Thanks Ivon for your caring to our beautiful Pony :)

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  • Adriana Riccitelli

    Human without compassion and love are MONSTERS!! that I’d prefer to have out and far of my way! Wishing the best to Pony!!

    • BOSF Administrator

      Thanks so much Adriana Riccitelli :)

  • Butt Doctor

    Some men will stick in in anything. Sick bastards!

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  • Pauline Hodson

    Just Unbelievable. and the Villagers were forcefully fighting for the owner. Just Unbelievable. I just hope this Creep of an owner and her gang of rats don’t pick up Another ape to train up for money. God Almighty

    • BOSF Administrator

      Hi Pauline. We here feel the same too, we don’t want too this happen again to other orangutans. Thanks so much, anyway! :)

    • BOSF Administrator

      Hi Pauline. We here feel the same too, we don’t want too this happen again to other orangutans. Thanks so much, anyway! :)

  • Christine Dunn

    men are sick fucks but the woman was worse for keeping her and prostituting her!!!!!

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  • Jessica

    Humanity at its lowest! The saddest thing I’ve ever heard. So pleased she is in a very good state now. God bless the crews from Nyaru Menteng

    • BOSF Administrator

      Thanks so much, Jessica :)

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  • oscar lopez

    Dios los Bendiga por lo que hicieron.. rescatar a este animal de Dios.. saludos desde Guatemala.

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  • Jacqueline

    I am so glad that Pony was saved from a life of degradation. It breaks my heart to think of what memories she must carry with her of that time. I wish I could give her a big, long hug, but a long distance one will have to do. Bless you for your life-giving work.

    • BOSF Administrator

      Hi Jacqueline we here feel the same too, we don’t want too this happen again to other orangutans. Thanks so much, anyway! :)

  • Fr0ntSight


  • Corey Forsythe

    I feel sick. Literally sick. I try to have some level of compassion in regards to death-but there’s a special place in hell for people who partook in this on any level. I think society would better itself by ridding the gene pool of these sick, demented, sociopathic individuals. What sad people they are-claiming power over the defenseless for their own pathetic lack of dignity. Just kill them. Consider it assisted natural selection.

  • Renee h

    what the hell!!!!!! makes me so sick……unspeakable cries, and humans are suppose to be the higher intel……no words anymore I just don’t understand!

  • Harry

    I thought NAMBLA(North American Man Boy Love Association) was sick for wanting it to be legal to rape little boys. But raping orangutans, this is really disgusting!

  • BOSF Administrator

    Thanks so much, Ashylnn :)

  • BOSF Administrator

    Thank you so much, Maria for the kind support given to orangutan conservation effort :)

  • BOSF Administrator

    Thank you, Vicki for the kind support given to orangutan conservation effort :)

  • Arbia Richet

    the people that kept her should be in jail for years . Hope now one is doing the same cruelty.

  • Arbia Richet

    How is she doing now ? is she okay ?

    • BOSF Administrator

      She is okay and still lives in Nyaru Menteng. Latest update shows that she was placed in one of the Nyaru Menteng islands on the delta of Rungan River, which means she is free to roam the forest in the island, living her life as wild orangutans.

  • ramadhani

    hai, aku tika mahasiswi fakultas hukum, ingin membuat skripsi mengenai perlindungan hukum terhadap hewan yang menjadi korban kekerasan seksual atau zoophilia agar para pelaku dapat dijatuhi hukuman atas perbuatannya. namun terlebih dahulu saya harus mengetahui apakah perbuatan tersebut dapat merusak kemampuan biologis dan fisiologi hewan tersebut. yang ingin saya tanyakan, adakah kerusakan secara biologis dan fisiologis yang dialami Pony atas kekerasan seksual yang dialaminya saat menjadi PSK? terimakasih :)

    • BOSF Administrator

      Halo Tika.. untuk informasi lebih lanjut soal Pony bisa ditanyakan melalui email: ya :) terima kasih banyak

  • Jeff Edmonds

    Many times… No most of the time I am absolutely ashamed to be a human. We are the most disgusting revolting animal on this planet without any doubt whatsoever. I can’t believe that such a thing could happen.

    I am physically sick from this story

  • Annie

    Thank you for saving her<3


    Followed a link to this old story… Glad things worked out for her, but I’m mainly shocked none of the “clients” were injured of killed. Chimpanzees are orders of magnitude stronger than humans; even chained. I’d expect Orangutans would be similar.

  • tabbyfamily

    I could have been much happier not ever seeing this, but I am so happy that she was eventually rescued and is now treated right since she is reliant on humans,albeit good ones. What I want to know is this, is beastiality seen as acceptable in this culture in Indonesia? I mean the whole village wanted to fight to keep this poor animal a sex slave? I think this is a horrible shame on humanity.

  • Marcia Yorkman Marchese

    Can not this image im out of my mind from this. There are absolutely no words to describe the pain emotionally and physically of what this poor beautiful almost human being has gone through and is still going through for 12 years to be abused and used as a prostitute I wish we can find each and every man that raped her and castrate them with no anesthesia hang them up in public and let them know what pain feels like real pain and to be emotionally scarred after what they did to this poor innocent helpless orangatang that only deserves love and compassion I hope and pray that she gets the help the TLC and everything she will need for the rest of her life to try to forget what had happened to her and her prior life i am emotionally scarred by this seeing her face cannot imagine what she has gone through. I can not eat or sleep just knowing what has happened to her. I LOVE YOU PONY THANK YOU FOR UPDATING AND SAVING THIS AMAZING SPECIAL ORANGATANG MY HEART LOVE ARE WITH THIS AMAZING FOUNDATION THE WORK YOU DO IS PRICELESS XOXO

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