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[PRESS RELEASE]: #FunWalk: #CaringforOrangutans With BOS Foundation!

Jakarta, November 13, 2016. Every day, orangutans lose their forest habitat due to encroachment and land use change. Once forest has been cleared, orangutans are forced to expand their range in search for food, often wandering into human settlements, farms or oil palm plantations to feed which leads to human-orangutan conflict situations. Orangutans are often considered as pests leaving them susceptible to poaching and illegal capture. Orangutan mothers are killed leaving their young infant orphaned. These babies live in horrific situations; illegally taken as pets, coerced into providing entertainment, or simply being traded on the black market.


Bornean orangutans are listed as Critically Endangered and it is illegal to capture, keep or trade them. Their future survival relies on urgent conservation action to save them from extinction. To create awareness and support for orangutan conservation, Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation have organised a #FunWalk #CaringForOrangutans campaign during this years’ Orangutan Caring Week taking place on November 13-19, 2016. The fun walk is held on November 13, 2016, as part of a series of events that the BOS Foundation has organized to celebrate their 25th Anniversary and Orangutan Caring Week.

Orangutan Caring Week itself is an annual global event, held not only to increase awareness and encourage people to support orangutan and habitat conservation, but also to take real action to participate through fundraising events.

BOSF CEO, Dr. Jamartin Sihite, said, “Our #FunWalk #CaringForOrangutans campaign is also to symbolize what the BOS Foundation has been working tirelessly for over the last 25 years in rescuing orangutans displaced from the forest. Real support from Indonesian people, especially in Jakarta and surrounding areas, is truly needed, as without help from everyone, orangutans will likely become  extinct in the foreseeable future. Orangutans safeguard our natural ecosystems. As Indonesians, let us be proud of this species and realize that we need to make major changes and take collective action to ensure orangutan conservation. We can not afford to only be left with stories and pictures in books of orangutans and the forest when we still have time to save them.

“We seldom realize that by ignoring the importance of orangutans, we ignore our own lives as well,” Dr. Sihite added. “As an effective seed-dispersing species, orangutans play an important role in forest regeneration. By preserving this charismatic umbrella species, all wildlife species will be protected and in turn we will protect ourselves because the forest provides clean air, water, flood and erosion prevention, and a whole variety of other ecological services. Humans cannot live without the services provided by the forest, its as simple as that.”

The #FunWalk #CaringForOrangutans campaign will take place during Car Free Day, starting in Jalan Sudirman, Senayan Gate, Jakarta Pusat (in front of FX Sudirman) and finishing in front of UOB Plaza. The team from BOS Foundation together with Bayu Oktara, Uli Herdinansyah, Hilbram Dunar, Muhammad Farhan, Jose Purnomo, Fade2Black, Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames, Umay, Blink, Harsya Soebandrio, and Swara Maharddhika and our Orangutan Lifesaver (OLS) communities will share information on BOS Foundation, Bornean orangutans and how the people can participate to save orangutans.

The BOS Foundation is deeply committed to conserving orangutans and has rescued more than 2,200 orangutans over 25 years. We currently provide care and rehabilitation to 700 ophaned or displaced orangutans within our two orangutan rehabilitation centers located in Central and East Kalimantan. Orangutan rehabilitation involves the process of teaching orangutans the forest skills they need to once again live in the forest; it is costly and timely. Without support from our fellow Indonesians, especially those living in Jakarta and the surrounding areas, the BOS Foundation cannot take care of the orangutans in our rehabilitation centers and provide them with the opportunity to be released back in the wild where they rightly belong.

The BOS Foundation would like to thank all the parties directly contributing including Terminix, Swiss-belhotel International, Coca-cola Amatil Indonesia and SHARP Indonesia. Whatever support you can give, whether big or small, we can collectively work together to save orangutans, which also means protecting our own well-being. Please do not let our grandchildren only see orangutans in history books. This is the time to care and take action for orangutans. Let us participate in #FunWalk #CaringForOrangutans and support the BOS Foundation.



Nico Hermanu

Communication Officer


Cantika Adinda

Communication and FR Support



Editor’s Note:


Founded In 1991, the BOS Foundation is a non-profit Indonesian organization dedicated to the conservation of Bornean orangutans and their natural habitats, working together with local communities, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, and international partner organizations.

The BOS Foundation currently has more than 700 orangutans in two rehabilitation centres, with support from 400 highly dedicated staff and experts in the fields of primatology, biodiversity, ecology, forest rehabilitation, agroforestry, community empowerment, communications, education, and orangutan welfare. For further information, please visit



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