PRM Team Observes Trio in Kehje Sewen

Our PRM team in the Kehje Sewen Forest recently set out on a patrol in the hope of locating several orangutans that had gone unobserved for a while. The team were able to pick up Signe’s signal, and shortly after spotted her with her son, Bungaran, sitting atop a tree eating fruit.

Signe and Bungaran enjoy the bark

The mother-child pair looked healthy; Bungaran was seen actively moving from one branch to another, with Signe keeping a watchful eye over him while she enjoyed some ficus fruits. Every now and then, Bungaran approached his mother to request fruit. The PRM team’s presence did not seem to bother them much, and after a while Bungan joined them. The trio then spent the rest of the day together.

Bungan comes to join with Signe and Bungaran

In the late afternoon, clouds began to envelope the sky, and soon the rain came pouring down on the forest. From a distance, the PRM team observed as Signe attempted to shield her son from the rain with an umbrella-like cover she had fashioned from leaves.

With no sign the torrential rain was going to let up, the PRM team had to call it a day and head back to camp. We were delighted to have caught up with Signe, Bungaran, and Bungan, and in particular to see them in such great condition and adapting well to life in the wild.

Text by: PRM team in Camp Nles Mamse , Kehje Sewen Forest

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