Repatriated Orangutans (Moza, Junior, Taymur) Thriving at Nyaru Menteng

As you might have seen in our latest news, BOS Foundation Orangutan Reintroduction Center in Nyaru Menteng, Central Kalimantan, has received another baby orangutan who we helped to repatriate from Kuwait. Following in the footsteps of Moza (also repatriated from Kuwait) and Junior (whose illegal transport to Kuwait was intercepted at Jakarta airport), who were brought to Nyaru Menteng last year, 3-year-old repatriated male orangutan named Taymur arrived at Nyaru Menteng on September 15.

Having been with us for 11 months, Moza and Junior are now in excellent condition, and progressing well in Forest School Group 4, where they are relearning their survival skills. Moza has become a very skilled nest-builder, while Junior has mastered foraging for termites and forest fruits.

On Monday (September 18), Taymur moved to the quarantined section of our new Baby House, where he joined Josh in the Nursery Small Group. Taymur spent a lot of time climbing on his first day at school, and quickly picked up the skill.




We are delighted to see these three repatriated orangutans learning and thriving in our care. They have all made very long journey’s in their young lives and now it is their time to once again learn to live in the forest. Stay healthy and strong, little ones.

Text by: BOS Foundation HQ Communication Team 

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