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Salat Island Welcomes Six New Residents

Orphaned or displaced orangutans arriving into BOS Foundation’s care need to complete a lengthy rehabilitation process before they can be safely reintroduced to the forest. The final stage of this process takes place on pre-release islands. This final stage on the pre-release islands is extremely important in building all the skills they will need to be able to live in the wild.

We have exciting news and are pleased to report that today we successfully transferred another six orangutans – malesAriel, Sponge Bob, and Sanamang and females; Buntok, Mawas, and Leggi - from our Orangutan Reintroduction Center at Nyaru Menteng to Salat pre-release island in Central Kalimantan.

This is the third transfer to Salat Island by our Nyaru Menteng team: The first transfer with our pioneer orangutans was carried out at the end of last year, when H. Sugianto Sabran, the Central Kalimantan Governor, participated in the relocation of 12 orangutans to the island (Read the full story here: Pre-release Salat Nusa Islands Finally In Use).

On April 5 this year, we transferred 12 more orangutans;three males and nine females, which was attended by Pulang Pisau Regent Mr. Eddy Pratowo.

Foto 1 Bupati Pulang Pisau

Eddy Pratowo opens Paduran’s cage| To see images of the April 5 orangutan transfer to Salat Island, please see our Facebook page. Click: here

Today’s transfer of five more orangutans to Salat Island saw Regent Mr. Eddy Pratowo once again participate in the event, alongside the owner of Citra Borneo Indah (CBI) group, Mr. Abdul Rasyid; Director of Biodiversity Conservation (KKH), Bambang Dahono Adji; and BOS Foundation CEO Jamartin Sihite.


Jamartin Sihite open the Ariel's cage


Abdul Rasyid open the Leggi's cage


Bambang Dahono Adji open the Spongbob's cage

There are still many orangutans awaiting transfer to one of our pre-release islands. Some of our enclosures are full with orangutans thathave already completed all the stages of Forest School at Nyaru Menteng. The utilisation of Salat Island means that many of our rehabilitated orangutans will now have the opportunity to move onto this criticalpre-release stage: The more orangutans we can move onto the pre-release stage, the quicker we can release them to the wild.

A team of Nyaru Menteng technicians istasked with monitoring and observing the progress of orangutans living on the pre-release islands, and providing those orangutans adapt well to island life, theywill later be released into protected, natural habitat.

The utilisation of Salat Island is a breakthrough for our work inorangutan reintroduction and conservation, which involves many donors from both the private sector and the local government. The purchase of 2,089 hectares of protected, forest habitat suitable for orangutans onSalat Nusa Island was achieved through collaboration betweenthe BOS Foundation and PT. SSMS from CBI Group and with support from our global partners. Our aim is to achieve orangutan and habitat conservation in Indonesia and that requires ongoing and collective commitment from all stakeholders.

Text by: Cantika Adinda, Online Communication Officer

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