In regards to the #OrangutanFreedom campaign launched in 2017, the BOS Foundation is releasing another batch of 7 orangutans into the Kehje Sewen Forest in East Kutai Regency. Here are the profiles of those seven orangutans.



Abel is an adult female orangutan aged around 21 years. She was handed over by a local villager from Teluk Pandan, Sangatta, on March 21, 2001. At the time, she was just four years old and weighed 10.5 kilograms. The villager claimed to have caught Abel after she encroached on his farm.

Since Abel was still exhibiting wild behaviors, she could not join Forest School, as would have likely tried to run away so she was cared for in a socialization enclosure.

On October 6, 2010, Abel gave birth to Alejandro and fortunately for Alejandro, Abel’s deep maternal instincts meant the pair was able to be moved to a special island for mothers and infants.

To this day Abel avoids interactions with people and she and her son are now ready to return to a life in the wild.


Alejandro is a 7-year-old juvenile male orangutan who was born at Samboja Lestari on October 6, 2010. In the first few days following his birth, Alejandro had difficulty nursing, however, he overcame this challenge and has since developed well under his mother’s guidance and care.

Alejandro has grown into a healthy young orangutan, and he is still extremely close to his mother. He is a shy individual and avoids interaction with humans.


Imut is an adult female orangutan aged around 19 years. She was handed over by a local resident of Samarinda on July 26, 2000, when she was about two years old. She arrived at BOS Foundation offering from diarrhea, a worm infection, and suspected pneumonia, and had to immediately undergo medical treatment.

On March 3, 2010, Imut gave birth to a baby boy we named Ical. When Ical arrived, Imut appeared to have the ‘baby blues’, and abandoned her newborn son. Mother and child were separated for eight days before Imut finally accepted her new infant.

Imut’s experience can be common among rehabilitated female orangutans since females we receive are often traumatically separated from their own mothers at a very early age. The loss of her mother left Imut – and many female orangutans like her – clueless of a mother’s role.


Ical is a 7-year-old juvenile male, like Alejandro. Ical is fearless and likes to explore the island alone. This mischievous young orangutan is not intimidated easily, and doesn’t much care for humans, with the exception of his favorite technician; Syahrul.


Belinda is a 22-year-old female orangutan who was rescued in Sebulu region on September 25, 1998. At the time of her rescue, she was just two years old and was still displaying wild behaviors.

Belinda is an independent loner with relatively good forest skills. We rarely see her because she prefers to hide and avoid technicians.


Maureen is a 6-year-old juvenile female orangutan born at Samboja Lestari on May 17, 2011, to mother Marlies. In 2015, Maureen had to be separated from Marlies, who was suffering from melioidosis; an infectious bacterial disease. Maureen has since formed close relationships with Abel and Belinda, two adult females who live on the same island.

Maureen is quite independent and avoids contact with technicians, which is a good sign that she will also avoid any humans once she is released into the forest.


Kumar is a flanged male aged around 23 years. He came to Samboja Lestari on October 26, 1998, when he was four years old. He was rescued in the Kaltim Prima Coal area of Sangatta, and upon his rescue still demonstrated wild behavior.

Kumar tends to avoid humans and has sound forest skills that will help him survive in the wild.

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