Taymur Homecoming (2)

Taymur is Ready to Go Home!

We are excited to announce that following several months in quarantine at Taman Safari Indonesia, Taymur is healthy and ready to start his rehabilitation!

Taymur is three years old and currently weighs a healthy 11 kgs. He has tested negative for TB, hepatitis and salmonella, all of which commonly affect orangutans under human care. DNA testing has determined that he originally came from Central Kalimantan and so we are putting all the plans into place to move him to our orangutan rehabilitation program at Nyaru Menteng, where he will join our other orangutans in Forest School.

Taymur is one of the few fortunate individuals who has not only survived the illegal pet trade, but also been successfully repatriated to his country of origin. We hope that when he is ready, one day he will be able to return to the forest where he belongs.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped bring Taymur home!

Text by: BOS Foundation HQ Communication Team 

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