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HOPE (Help Orangutans, Protect Earth)

The recent reclassification of the bornean orangutan from ‘endangered’ to ‘critically endangered’ by the IUCN indicates that the hard ...

16, July 2016

Ajeng Eats Durian in Kehje Sewen!

Orangutans are frugivores and they consume more than 100 different species of fruit. In the Kehje Sewen Forest, there are 1,390 ...

16, February 2016

Baby Kejora

Very sadly, young orphaned orangutans keep arriving. On February 1st, the BOS Foundation once again collaborated with the Central ...

4, February 2016

Orangutan Repratriation | Bringing Them Home Where They Belong

Working together with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the BOS Foundation helped repatriate Puspa–a 10-month-old baby orangutan smuggled ...

25, January 2016

Help Us Build A New Home For Our Babies

The recent forest fires and haze have left many young orangutans orphaned and we have already rescued 6 infants in ...

13, January 2016

BOS Foundation Highlight 2015

Here is the highlight of BOS Foundation’s work in 2015. Happy New Year to all #OrangutanLifeSaver! 2016 will be ...

1, January 2016

BREAKING NEWS! Resurgent Forest Fire Engulfs Samboja Lestari

After the incident of forest fire that cleared 30 hectares of rehabilitated forest at BOS Foundation’s Orangutan Reintroduction Center ...

23, September 2015

Heavy Smoke Covered Nyaru Menteng in Central Kalimantan!

LATEST UPDATE FROM NYARU MENTENG! Heavy smoke covered Nyaru Menteng in Central Kalimantan! The latest BMKG data states that ...

23, September 2015

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