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BREAKING NEWS! Resurgent Forest Fire Engulfs Samboja Lestari

After the incident of forest fire that cleared 30 hectares of rehabilitated forest at BOS Foundation’s Orangutan Reintroduction Center ...

23, September 2015

Heavy Smoke Covered Nyaru Menteng in Central Kalimantan!

LATEST UPDATE FROM NYARU MENTENG! Heavy smoke covered Nyaru Menteng in Central Kalimantan! The latest BMKG data states that ...

23, September 2015

Lady, Our Favourite Sun Bear

There are currently 47 sun bears under BOS Foundation’s care at Samboja Lestari. One that is close to our ...

23, September 2015

For Mother Earth

Orangutan conservation effort does not stop at rehabilitaion. It only finishes after we ensure that these once stranded orphaned ...

19, August 2015

Save Orangutans Save The Forests

Over 700 orphaned orangutans are being cared for by the BOS Foundation. We desperately need your help to be ...

9, June 2015

Adopt an orangutan and save a life!

Help us Help orangutans! Their future is in your hands. Adopt or donate today and save a life! You ...

27, November 2014

Rescue and Release BOSF & PT YUDHA

Di Ambang Kepunahan: Orangutan Rescue and Release Rescue and Release BOSF & PT YUDHA from BOS Foundation on Vimeo. ...

26, August 2013

Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Release 5 – English Version

As a prelude to the next release from Nyaru Menteng, we present this video from Nyaru Menteng 5th orangutan ...

23, July 2013

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