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Zahri Needs Your Help!

Zahri arrived with two bullets in his body. He needs urgent medical care. He is one of many orphaned orangutans needing our help. Help us to save him and other's lives!


A few weeks ago a little baby orangutan was delivered to us by BKSDA from the Bukit Batu Mentangai Kapuas area. We don’t know much about his history, but he arrived malnourished with 2 gunshot pellets buried in his tiny body.


Our team is giving him the round the clock care he needs to recover and we have called him Zahri. Zahri is still in quarantine and once he is strong enough, we can see if surgery is the best option to help him fully recover.


Zahri like many of the orphaned infants we receive will need a lot of love and care to help him recover both physically and mentally.

Please donate and help us provide all the medical care he needs at and note that your donation is for ZAHRI.

Thank you ♥


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